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As a Partner in the Industry’s Largest Open Ecosystem, Jovian Technologies Easily Integrates Nielsen Data into Its AI-Powered CI Solutions to Drive F&B Client Success

NAPERVILLE IL, Jan. 30, 2021 Jovian Technologies, a leader in delivering competitive insights through AI-powered solutions, advanced analytics and data science services, today announced it has joined the Nielsen Connect Partner Network, the largest open ecosystem of technology-driven solution providers for retailers and manufacturers in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG), Food and Beverage industry. The partnership enables integration of Nielsen data into JOVIAN AI, an AI-Enabled Competitive Intelligence Platform. 

As a Connected Partner , Jovian will integrate NielsenIQ’s point of sale (POS) and Pricing Trends data into their JOVIAN AI platform enabling users to navigate the competitive landscape through these additional market parameters. JOVIAN AI users currently navigate the platform based on UPC codes, Product categories, Product descriptions and/or Brands. The additional parameters for POS and Pricing Trends add a new layer of information extending the visibility of competing products by market share, current price and recent sales data.

“We are excited to welcome Jovian Technologies to the Connect Partner Network, as we continue to grow the network with highly qualified partners to fuel a smarter market for the retail and consumer packaged goods industry,” said Brett Jones, Global Leader, Connect Partner Network, NielsenIQ. “Through the unmatched breadth of our collaborative ecosystem of trustworthy and innovative partners, our clients are uniquely positioned to solve their biggest problems and stay ahead of a rapidly changing consumer landscape.”

“CPG/F&B manufacturers are at a crossroads now that the pandemic has overturned buying patterns and forced the optimization of SKUs in many categories,” said Ravi Desai, CTO and Head of Products at Jovian Technologies. “AI and machine learning can quickly turn data into actionable insights helping clients optimize product lines with data driven decisions and gain an edge over competitors.”

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About Jovian Technologies: Jovian Technologies is a technology startup, provider of AI driven competitive insights and solutions for CPG/Food and Beverage companies, based in Naperville IL, USA. Jovian is an alumnus of Sunnyvale California based Plug and Play accelerator program which is recognized by Forbes magazine as top 5 accelerator programs in United States for emerging new technologies.

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