Software Engineer

Posting Date: 03/01/2021

Work with stakeholders to setup CI pipeline using tools such as Jenkins (upgrade to Jenkin 2.0). Work with developers to setup Gerrit based development workflow. Conduct training for the developers to follow standard development processes using Git, Gerrit & Jenkins.

Work with infrastructure team to migrate and architect deployment based on shell scripts to configuration management tool such as Chef. Work with stakeholders and architects to write continuous deployment cookbooks using Chef (with config management in Chef data bags), Salt & integrate ServerSpec, Docker & TestKitchen for unit testing. Design and implement Chef cookbooks with development workflow using RunDeck, Chef & Jenkins (with Gerrit hooks written in Python) for the deployment of builds into each environment along with configuration.

Work with architects to setup promotional workflow for taking builds from lower environment to production using Jenkins ecosystem. Work with business owners to track the business matrix to match the plan laid out using DevOps ecosystem.

Analyze business requirement and implement system architecture for the Big data analytics product. Worked with principal architects to setup system on AWS (with multi cloud support), Kafka, Elasticsearch, MongoDB & Spark (Hadoop based file system). Use configuration management tool like Salt to setup highly available, distributed system on AWS.

Develop and maintain monitoring solution using Icinga, AlertManager for data ingestion systems, distributed queue such as Kafka for message processing. Develop system to ingest data into database like MongoDB and process it using Kafka, Elasticsearch. Work with QA team to leverage cloud based system for testing end to end data ingestion workflow.  Work with architects to setup security pipeline for CVE analysis for OWASP vulnerabilities. Design and implement penetration testing pipeline using Metasploit. Automate system scanning to identify vulnerabilities using Nexpose.

Requirement analysis for IaaS based product in cloud migration & cloud orchestration space. Responsible for interacting with business owners, developers and QA. Architect for designing UI in GWT (google web toolkit) with supplementary framework GXT, Bootstrap. Worked with customers for deployment using CICD pipeline with automation in place using Jenkins, custom shell scripts. Design and implement backend services using Python (Django framework) for Racemi and Java based web service for Microland. Engage QA team for automation testing using Selenium with Python implementation and unit testing using Python Robot framework.

Bachelors in Computer Science or related and 60 months experience. Please Send resumes to [email protected]